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Journey update february 2006

Journey Update 02-14-06

Finally, an update from me. It has been an intense time with so much going on and yet, it’s a feeling that time is both compressed and expanded. Time seems to stand still for a while, then to explode with activity, guidance and movement. I’m very much forced to live in the moment.

When I last wrote, impossibly, only a month ago, I was leaving Albuquerque after completing the editing project for the TOSA group, The book is 2012, You Have a Choice. You can order it from the website. That went well and funded the next segment of the journey. This trip was destined to be funded by spiritual writing and editing projects from the beginning, That’s the energy it was born on when I was meditating back in June and received the vision of me and my Beloved. I am happy to say that the energy continues to radiate and draw work to me.

I spent a little over a week in Santa Fe, and I attended the International Conference on Ascension, Sacred Sexuality and Shamanism. I was able to attend as a writer, and I’ll be writing later about the subject of Sacred Relationship and Sacred Partnership with all that I’ve been learning. I’m having a crash course so I’ll be ready for my Beloved.

When I left Santa Fe, I moved to Taos for a while, and I’m still there right now, but my time here is growing short. I’m waiting now for the guidance on where I need to go next. There is a possibility of making a return trip to Houston soon for a project, but that is not fully formed yet. I did get to do one major editing project while in Taos for an old client, but it’s not a spiritual writing project, it’s a training book, but it is helping support me. I am missing doing readings, integrations and healings though, and my Houston clients are calling me for appointments when I return.

The scenery up here is very inspiring to me this trip. I’ve been to Taos before, but I was somehow oblivious to the beauty of the mountains. I have driven up to Red River many times during this stay, which is an hour drive up into the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and it looks like an old mining town. It’s one of the well-known ski areas up here, but lack of snow has made everyone’s life more challenging. Looks like the east coast is getting it all right now. I hear that there are ten men for every woman in Red River, so ladies, if you’re looking for a laid-back mountain man, take a little trip to Red River and see if you feel a connection. I had a great time going dancing the other night.

I have been exploring a relationship with a man that I initially thought might be my Beloved, but there are many issues to work out if that kind of connection is to develop, and it’s a mass of contradictions. More on that when I sort out the details.

The full moon in the mountains was exceptionally powerful for me, and my emotions all surfaced for processing. Anyone else having that experience? The energy is intense right now, and hard to pin down. It starts off in one direction and takes a decided turn just as you get your bearings. I’m dealing with my own confusion, and I continue to try a refocus so that I can gain clarity as I proceed on my journey. That’s the update for now. I will let you all know if I go back to Houston for those who are there and want to see me. I will schedule a couple of events and email invites to all the Houston crowd.

If anyone wants a telephone reading, I’m happy to arrange that if you call my cell phone, 870-656-0812 and leave a message if you don’t get me. I can also do readings by email if you have specific questions you want to address. I need support on my journey, and I’m open to whatever will do that.

If it seems like it’s a long time between updates, it’s because I’m in the middle of the process. It’s hard to write it down until I have time to stop and think about everything. Thanks for your good wishes and loving support as I go along.

Keep moving in the direction of your guidance, your passion, and your Beloved. Know that All is Well. All is Well. All is Well (the mantra for now).

Happy Valentine’s Day, love to all.

sandy penny

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