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Lost in the White Out (March 2006)

I can hardly believe it has been a month since my last update, and so much has happened in that month that I can hardly believe it has only been a month. The experience of time being compressed and expanded at the same time has been a subject of discussion among my compadres, and I wonder how much you all out there are experiencing it. It almost has a sense of vertigo attached to it, like you can't tell what's up from what's down right now as it keeps rotating and flipping the energy.

The day after I wrote my last update, I got a confirmation that I needed to go back to Houston to finish a project I was working on and to meet someone I might do a big spiritual writing project with. After spending Valentine's Day at Valley View Hot Springs, one of my favorite feminine places on the planet, I passed through Crestone, CO, one of the most spiritual places on the planet, and met a woman named Electrum who owns the Shambala Cafe, and who needs a website to promote her whole Shambala Project (more on that later), ad I told her I'd come back after my trip to Houston and do that for her.

So, I departed Taos and Red River where I had been staying for three weeks after the Santa Fe Conference I attended and headed back to Houston. I did not take the scenic route this time. I took the fast route, and it was long, straight and boring, so I drove all night and arrived in Houston 20 hours later.

I had some very interesting things happen on the drive. Late at night, I passed through San Angelo, and as I topped a rise in the landscape, I could see a huge red, glowing circle up ahead. In my driving exhaustion stupor, I could not figure out what it was, but on getting closer, I discovered that large circular grove of trees was on fire. It was a spectacular blaze with coals flying everywhere in the high winds. I was mesmerized by the fire and could not understand how it could be so completely circular. It held the energy of a sacred sacrifice, and I honored the trees that shared their lives with us through food and then sacrificed themselves to the Winds of Change. It was a powerful experience.

Right after that, I took a wrong turn and ended up driving through a huge wind farm with about a thousand propeller turbines generating electricity. Each turbine had a blinking light on it to warn airplanes of its location, and they were not synchronized, so the experience of a thousand blinking lights in the middle of the night was somewhat psychedelic. I felt like I had been abducted and dropped in the middle of some crazy vision, but I was not sleeping, although I probably should have been. It was about 2:22 am at the time, and I had a hard time finding my way out of the maze, but I left it to Spirit and got back on track.

Trying to integrate that part of the experience, I felt like the Aquarian Age energy was asserting itself and showing me a metaphor for the process we're in right now. Everyone is somewhat confused, but mesmerized by the changes that are occurring, and yet, Spirit is still guiding us, and we will come out the other side with a sense of wonder, accomplishment and new energy when we have experienced, rested and assimilated the changes.

I spent two weeks in Houston, and I made the connection with Dr. Johnnie Lerma, a hospice doctor at Houston Hospice who is in the process of writing a book about people who have seen angels at the hospice as they exit. It's a wonderful and exciting project, and after meeting with him, we agreed to work on the book with me as the ghost writer for him. He tells me the stories, and I record them and then rewrite them as if he is telling the story. The angels got on board with me too, and when I wrote the first story, they gave me details that Johnnie had left out that needed to be in the story. It was very exciting. Also, Johnnie had been pretold that he would work with a woman who was living in New Mexico on this book, and that is where I was when our mutual friend, Claire, put us together. I am happily ensconced in writing this angel book now, and I can travel as much as I want and work with him over the phone. I bought this great little digital recorder that hols eight hours of voice discussions, so I use that to record the info, and then I just dump it into my computer and do the writing. The book should be ready for publishing in three months, and we have some very powerful connections for a publisher and agent for it. I affirmed that I wanted spiritual writing projects to fund this journey, and now they are coming in right and left. All in Divine Order. It is an exciting time for me.

After I left Houston, I went back to New Mexico to Red River for a week, then I knew I needed to go on up to Crestone to get the Shambala web project going. I rented a little room at Valley View where I could have access to the six beautiful hot pools while I wrote and made my Crestone connections. The night after I arrived, it began to snow, and I had always wanted to be in the steaming outdoor hot pools when it was snowy. It was a fire and ice experience as my hair frosted over with ice while I was warm and nurtured by the hot waters. There has been a great deal of polarity on this journey, and I'm sure many of you are facing your own black and white choices these days. Even the mountains look black and white once the snow coats them and the clouds shadow the rest of land that is not covered in white. I hope you all are noting the metaphors and images that are being shared with me by Spirit as I travel.

After a week at Valley View, I knew I needed to go back to Albuquerque to do some work with my friend Tom, so I set out last Sunday heading south, out of the cold weather, I thought. I hit a freak snow storm as I exited Colorado and got into New Mexico. I had spent two weeks drumming for snow for Red River's ski economy and for the other ski places in NM, and it finally hit with a vengeance. I could not believe it when I heard on the radio that a week of snow storms had dropped 28 to 32 inches in Red River.

Unfortunately for me, I was driving when one of the storms hit, and it was more than a little frightening. My little Mazda Protege is not equipped to handle heavy snow conditions, and at times the winds were so strong they blew me almost off the road. When I steered in the direction of the high winds, it would drop, and I skidded dangerously in the other direction. I was in white-out conditions for a while where you can see nothing except, if you're lucky, tracks on the road from previous cars traveling through the snow. You can't see the edge of the road or the center line, and there is no way to tell how deep the drops are off the edge of the road. I have to say it was the worst day on this journey for feeling out of control and in dangerous territory. I had no cell reception, and no radio broadcasts. It was just me, God and the angels of protection riding together that morning. I finally inched my way to Tres Piedres, the cutoff for Taos and I took it, hoping it was passable, but knowing at least I was headed toward civilization again. I recorded the journey on my little tape recorder, and you can really hear the tension in my voice. I'm not much for cold weather, and I was not equipped to trudge through deep snow in the event I left the road. Slowly, but surely, I could tell I would make it to Taos, and my friend, Madeline, who is in Houston but has a home in Taos, was happy to let me stay a few days to wait for better traveling weather.

I was able to finish some writing, and restore a friendship that needed mending while in Taos, and today I finally drove to Albuquerque, safely and with beautiful sunshine through the heavenly canyons between Taos, Santa Fe and Albuquerque. I am now happily ensconced at Tom's house with my email access restored and phone service workable.

I did several telephone readings during my journey, and some great integration work with people I met along the way. In a little place called Salida, CO, I spent time at Sacred Grounds, a cool little Internet cafe with an owner who is an angel artist. The angels are certainly on board with me during this journey, and my spiritual teacher, Kip Davidson, who is on the other side, would be proud of me for staying so connected to what he taught me.

That's all I can tell you for now. And, for a month, I think that's quite enough. I'm tired, had a 3-hour nap today, got my car serviced, and now I plan to relax after catching up on email.

Stay tuned - I'll write more soon. There will be more info about my process of sacred relationship, but I'm processing so much, I have to integrate it before I can share it.

Love, light and angel support for all.

sandy penny


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