Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Have Your Own Experience

By Sandy Penny

As most people, I read a lot about other people’s spiritual experiences, and they are certainly fascinating, but the point is not just to entertain and amaze us, it is to spur us on toward our own experiences. Having a personal relationship with the Divine, the Creator, the Manifestor, the Universe, whatever it is for you is the greatest experience you’ll ever have.

When you open yourself to the Spiritual World, you throw off the shackles and limitations of the 3-D everyday projection of the world. You open yourself to magic, to mystical experiences, and non-physical reality and beings.

Many people are afraid of the unseen world, and that perception has been fostered by organized religion. The reason is not that those beings and experiences don’t exist, but that they have such enormous power, that they cannot be controlled or manipulated for unearned gain. Only the limited person and system can be controlled in predictable ways. Therein lies the danger, if you get what you put out, do you deserve what you get? That is not to be critical of those who are not having a good experience; it is to inspire you to new visions, new heights, new experiences, all your heart’s and soul’s desires.

If you make yourself available to Spirit on a regular basis and affirm your openness and willingness to participate in a greater life, you will begin to have your own amazing experiences. You will experience synchronicities, unexplainable coincidences, that lead you to wonderful energies and encounters. What stories you will have to share with others!

Are you satisfied with hearing about the adventures of others, or do you want to pursue your own path with your own joyful adventures? Do you want to know the magic that others report?

That being said, there are challenges that come with the territory. When you first begin to open up to Spirit, you usually get some peak experiences that change your life and your outlook on life. Once you’re firmly ensconced with one foot in the heavens and one foot on the ground, the balancing act begins. Many people who have known you for years may not recognize you or relate to what is happening to you. They may try to discourage you from pursuing your “dangerous” or “evil” follies. Family may even think you’ve gone crazy. You might do something radically out of character for you, but once you truly connect through your heart to Spiritual Guidance, you will know, without a doubt, that the experiences are divine and holy.

Then, you will begin to seek others who see the world as you do. You will begin to change your daily life. You may quit your job, or go off on a journey, or just feel differently than you’ve ever felt before. And, you may feel frustrated with those who are not on the same page with you because they don’t understand what you’re saying. And others may drop away from your life because you no longer have anything in common. You may not even speak the same language any more (not literally, not speaking in tongues), but experience-wise, you may have a completely different perspective.

You may feel excited for no reason, elated over some small event or have access to information or ways of thinking that you never knew before. You might even begin to hear messages from Spirit or develop psychic abilities or even have feelings that don’t belong to you.

You life will never be the same, so are you up for it? If so, set your intention to align yourself with Spirit and acknowledge your willingness and openness, and be quiet while you wait for a response. If your issue is patience, you may have to wait for a while, to develop some patience and commitment to the process, but if you’re sincere in your desire, it will happen. You will have your own unique experiences that will not only change you, but will change the world for you.

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