Sunday, July 05, 2009

What Do We Do Now?

By Sandy Penny

So much is going on in the causal plane right now that we feel like nothing is happening here in our dimension, but it’s not true. Tremendous changes are happening at many different levels, although things may look the same at times. So, don’t despair, the world is being shape shifted, and we are asked to wait patiently while the new and good is being built for us to inhabit. Like building a house, sometimes things take longer than we anticipate, and we may be left with temporary housing while the new home is being built, after the old one is no longer available. That’s the metaphor for those who have been forced to leave their old surroundings and seemingly, nothing has been prepared to replace them.

So, what do we do now? We are challenged to return to our spiritual roots and put energy where we want it to manifest. I recently wrote a “program” for my life, something to focus on and put energy into. I was holding a pretty specific vision, and it had only partially manifested, so I could either accuse myself of sabotage, or I could refocus in a way that empowers that reality without limiting it to a possibly changing vision.

If you are absolutely sure of what you want, then, by all means, envision it, accept it, be grateful for it. Hold it tightly and claim it daily. However, if you have any questions, guilt or hesitation about any aspect of that vision, then open yourself up to a potentially bigger vision that the Universe may have for you. In these physical bodies, we cannot see too far beyond what we have experienced or seen on TV or read somewhere. But the Universe can, and the Universe is the machine or system that puts physical reality into motion. And beyond that, God or the All, can conceive of things we haven’t even dreamed in our farthest-out reality imaginings. When I give energy to a program, I always say, if not this, something better and trust the Universe to give me something better, something I may not be thinking of, but that might suit me very well.

As we shift into the Aquarian Age and old structures break down, old visions and old realities fall by the wayside and create chaos. Chaos is the loose energy that can be harnessed for the new world vision that we, as individuals, hold. When we fear the chaos, we surrender to it, and it can be devastating, but when we recognize the chaos as the reforming energy, it can be very exciting. Let go of your old pronouncements about life and open up to your wildest dreams. What do you want? Not, what can you possibly have, but what do you want? Do not limit the Universe to what you know. Expand yourself to encompass new possibilities.

I’m preparing to return to Houston for a few months for a writing project to increase my financial flow. A project showed up just as I’m really getting tired of a restricted flow, so I took it. I think I’ll enjoy a little bit of luxury for a while. I’ll plug into the structure and coast along for a little bit. Afterward, I plan to come back to Taos, write and publish my books, supported by this windfall. It’s time, and that’s my plan.

What about you? What do you want? What are you going to do next? Many blessings on whatever it is. May your life be rich and happy.

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