Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is it Bad to be a Spiritual Jack of All Trades?

Why is it that we often think those who offer many different skills and talents are somehow lacking something? Do we really think that only those who specialize in one spiritual skill or practice are better at it than others?
This is an old paradigm and should be discarded as we grow, evolve, and change. We can acquire gifts, talents and skills to use in every aspect of our lives for ourselves and to help others. I do believe it’s meant for us to develop all our skills and use them in our lives first and share them as needed. This is another paradigm that some people hold, that you can’t use your skills to help yourself. How did that get started? 
The skills and talents we exhibit at the early stages of our development get mastered as we receive them, use them and teach them. Then we are open to learning a new set of skills and connecting with another talent, gift or level of our Self.
When I first began my conscious spiritual path, I was interested in developing my psychic, intuitive and ESP skills because they were already active, and I did not know we could develop them further. So, that fascinated me. After studying ways to access those skills, using them in practice groups and getting feedback on my accuracy, I was encouraged to use what I had learned to help other people. So I began doing public readings, first at Psychic Fairs and Rennaissance Festivals, and then privately.I honed these skills to a level of mastery. Then I began teaching others to access and develop their own intuitive natures.
Now, I use psychic skills in my everyday life, my businesses and with everyone I meet if they ask me a question or pose a challenge that requires these skills. I focus less on promoting this level of my intuition now, but that does not mean it is gone or out of practice. What it means is that I have mastered the skills and integrated them into who I am. I have brought that aspect of my higher self into everything I do. I am a psychic and visionary. We all can be.
Then I began studying healing techniques. While working with healing, I encountered one of my deceased grandmothers who was a healer, and she helped me get better in tune with my natural healing abilities that were passed down through our bloodline. I also studied Reiki, created a healing laboratory inside myself with Silva Mind Control and developed my xray vision into human bodies. I became an open and conscious conduit for universal healing energies and wisdom.
I even channeled an herbal doctor who taught me about the healing properties and mystical uses of herbs. To appease my mind about what I was being given to tell people, I studied herbs and nutrition and mystical texts about herbs. I rapidly discovered that everything I was told had been documented to be effective and on track. So, I began to trust the power of the channels of healing that I had opened. And so, I am a healer. I also applied those skills in my own life to my body and for my children. However, I did not choose to promote myself as a healer. That does not mean that my skills are any less powerful than someone who is a known alternative health provider. It simply means that I have integrated it into my life and use it as needed. I am a healer. We all can be.
Then I began to work more consciously with channeling beings from other planes of existence. At first, it seemed so amazing that some high level unseen being was giving me wisdom to share with others. We often give more credence to the unseen than to the seen beings in our lives. That too is an old paradigm. We all have wisdom to share. And, we can only contact beings at a level close to our personal frequency. Many of these beings are our peers, but we are told that we should be humble, so we give credit to the other beings and never acknowledge our ability to reach higher and grow at leaps and bounds.
If we buy into this paradigm, we stunt our growth and keep ourselves beneath some other being. We can all talk to the angels and ascended masters and receive messages from them, if we trust what we hear. The truth is that we are all One, that anything anyone can know, be or do, we can know, be or do if we allow it, if we open up to it, if we accept it as our true nature. There is no need to hide your wisdom behind a veil of humility. That is a paradigm of fear, the fear that we won’t be loved if we are different, smarter, wiser, or more talented. And yet, those who excel are admired and recognized for their gifts. It’s a paradox, I like to say a pair of ducks.
Love who you truly are, allow your light to shine. Stop pretending you don’t know your own strength and power and step up in your life. This is the way we will change the world, by everyone doing what they love, being who they are, and recognizing and owning their own mastery.
I am a healer, teacher, psychic, mystic, writer, channel and a unique expression of divinity. Am I less skilled because I have mastered many levels of my spiritual abilities? I think not, and you do not have to focus on one thing your whole life to master it, unless you want to and choose to. As soon as you believe you can master something, you are halfway there. Everything else will line up to guide the mastery from the highest level of being that you are, your own divinity.

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