Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What if?

Questions for the future.

by Sandy Penny

When I  was a child, I received a message from Spirit that said, “No question is ever asked that does not already have an answer. It’s up to humanity to find the answer.” It did not say, it’s up to humanity to create the solution, only that it is up to us to “find” the answer. 

So, I have set out to ask questions that I would love to see answered, in order to inspire humanity to find the answer. If what I heard is true, how does it change the world? How does it change our approach to solving problems? How does it change our personal lives?

I have asked many big questions and received answers, and now I’m seeing those solutions appear in the world, exactly as they were shown to me. Oh, sometimes I didn’t have the vision to see what it would look like, but when it showed up, I was smart enough to recognize it as the answer I had been shown. That is so exciting to me.


I asked the question, “What are we going to do about the water shortage in the world in the future?” I was told that there is no water shortage in the world, only a shortage of awareness of available water sources. Now it has come to my awareness that the earth creates water deep within, through its own chemical processes. That water is called primary water, pure H2O. Once considered a myth, it has now been drilled and found repeatedly. It is an idea whose time has come, and it is available and will show itself to us through the fissures created by earthquakes and other geolgoical events.

The answer is contained within the question. 


I asked, “How are we going to solve the energy crisis and eliminate the toxic emissions from cars?” I was shown cars with photosynthesis cells, and houses run on photosynthesis. I was told, the plants are the answer. Not being very technical, I didn’t understand how that could work. Last year, MIT announced water splitting through photosynthesis. A small water bottle could run a car or a house, and an olympic-sized swimming pool could more than run the entire world with its energy needs growing for the next 42 years. A simple solution requiring no infrastructure. I want to see this built and sold. I want my home and car to be run by this clean energy, and with the primary water, no one can even say using water is not practical.



I asked, “What are we going to do with the increasin amounts of trash we’re creating?” I was shown that all matter can be broken down to base particles that are all the same. They are intelligent and responsive and can be made into anything, think Star Trek replicators. So, all trash will go to a central processing plant that will separate all the elements into their basic forms so they can be used to manufacture new  materials and products. That technology is currently under development, TRASH BLASTER:

All that being said, I just want to encourage you to see that solutions to our “unsolvable” problems are already being developed. The more energy we focus on the solutions and asking questions so that answers will show up, the faster we will advance into a better future.

What questions are you asking? What answers are you getting? The answer is inherent in the question, so be mindful of how you phrase your questions.

Let’s create a better world from a place of love.

Thanks for considering … Sandy,

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Anonymous said...

That was just fantastic, Sandy! I so enjoyed reading it. I also believe that all the answers to all questions already exist. Sarna told me that a long time ago. As I see it, the problem is that, even if we have the answers, there are so many fearful, backward thinking, far right leaners in positions of power in this country, who will do absolutely anything and everything they can to keep us from using them. Of course, I realize we have the answers to how to solve that problem, too. I'm just not sure how motivated we all are to do what we need to in order to make certain these people lose all their control over this country - right now and in the future ... permanently!