Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hurricane Rita - The Trickster

From: Sandy Penny, (Houston, TX)
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I am weighing in officially on my prediction for the hurricane and tracking it by this posting. I live in Houston, and I do not believe the hurricane will directly hit Galveston, although I do believe there will be damage there. I do not believe Houston will have significant damage from winds or flooding. I do believe that the direct hit will be lower in the Gulf - closer to northern Mexico/Brownsville, TX.

I see that the land is parched there and needs a good drenching, and this is Rita's mission, to bring back the greenery to the brown baked areas in lower Texas and upper Mexico. So, we'll know soon enough, but this is being posted on Wednesday evening at 9:25 pm Houston time. I recommend making any preparations that seem prudent, but still I want to celebrate on Sunday when we know everything is great. We'll have a great big Rita party.

Here's an e-mail I shared last night - Tuesday night 09/20/2005

I have responded to many phone calls tonight about the projected trajectory of
Hurricane Rita, and I think we can all help make this a more positive event in
advance of it hitting.

I asked my multi-dimensional guides what the highest and best vision is that I can focus on for this hurricane, and I was told that the Mexican desert needs the rain, and that hurricanes, in addition to being the clearer of paths, are meant to significantly shift weather patterns so that areas that need the rain get it.

We, as powerful beings on this planet and project managers with the angels and
elementals can direct the path of the weather. I know it sounds pretty crazy, but I have a great deal of experience with this. And since I am being given this information in advance of landfall, I ask each of you to subdue your fears and harness this energy and direct it toward the areas that need the rain.

Use whatever your usual techniques are. If you pray, then pray that the rain will be useful and helpful where rain is really needed, particularly in the desert areas. If you talk to the angels, ask them to assist with this that it not harm people or animals and that it replenish the earth with its life giving water. If you visualize, see it moving south of its current trajectory (it has already dropped significantly below Houston on the tracking predictions since this afternoon). Envision its power dissipating to 1 and it being very beneficial to the places that need more water.

It's time to ride the big waves and to accept that we can contribute to earth events through mindful emotional directives. Breathe in your fear and breathe out love and positive energy.

Houston was an initial target because of all the natural fears concentrated here with the Katrina refugees and their families and those who are not yet surfing this powerful wave of energy. So, gather together (especially those of you who are not going to be affected by this hurricane, those in other parts of the world or country) and see the beautiful outcome for all concerned.

Don't be drawn into the fearful projections. Just breathe them in and breathe out a transformed vision of it. I know we can do this. I have experience with it. All of you on Norfolk Island know that we can change the weather from the experiences we shared there. See the hurricane transformed into a vortex in the desert, drawing the rain clouds there regularly and turning it into a green land once again.

Thank you all in advance for the powerful visions I know you will hold and the powerful prayers I know you will pray and great good wishes I can already feel from you. And, any of you who have groups that meet tomorrow, call this forth in your group, knowing that where two or more are gathered for the good of the whole, there is love and power and manifestation.

Wishing you all love, light and gentle loving winds of change.

P.S.: I am riding the big waves myself right now, on Nov. 1, I am leaving on the first leg of my new vision quest, to check out a retreat center in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. It matches a vision I saw 15 years ago and that has been prevalent and amped up for me since June this year. A wonderful woman named Bettina has invited me to come and help, and we'll decide what all we can do together as we explore it together. There will be opportunities for others to help build this center if the vision touches your heart and soul. Know, once again, that this is the time of the manifestation and remember what it is that you want to manifest. It's such a powerful time, and you are such powerful people, all of you, whether you feel it or not. Make good use of it right now. It's time to go.


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