Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Trickster - Rita - Part 2

On October 7, I'm scheduled to do a ceremony and class on "Become a Force of Nature." I guess I'm being offered an initiation of becoming a force of nature for myself. Tonight I'm meditating on the storm and sending it love to reduce its force and anger. This is the second hurricance that was born in Virgo. Wow, is she p.o.'d.

It's a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate my faith and trust of my guides and the divine source to provide ease and flow in my life. My friend Claire had a vision of me a couple of days ago surfing the big waves. I was on the surfboard having a great time, and she was under the water. I reached down and pulled her out, and she realized she too had a surfboard, so she began surfing with me. We surfed right up to the sandy shore and stepped off our boards before they even stopped. We were celebrating our accomplishments. I love that vision. And on the way home from sharing it with another friend, I saw a pickup truck with two surfboards in the back. I laughed at my guides' obvious cosmic joke. Life is so full of magic if we're paying attention.

Tonight, I'm a little over-revved with hurricane Rita energy, but I had a nice glass of wine so I'll sleep well and be ready to focus tomorrow. I will do so much work tonight in dreamtime to make sure the most populated areas are safe.

My guides are fond of asking me, "Are you willing to create a small disaster to avoid a larger one?" I'm practiced in it now, and I hope to accomplish it once again. I feel confident about being safe. I feel excited to be a part of this major shift in energy for the Aquarian Age. But I am an "ease and flow" girl. We don't have to do this the hard way if we release our fears and accept the changes with grace and equanimity.

It's 11:20 Houston time, and I'm heading to bed.

Good night, sweet drams and safe journeys.

I love you all, whether we've met or not.


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