Sunday, February 26, 2017

NZ Here I Come ... by Sandy Penny

Tomorrow, I leave on my trip to New Zealand with the help of so many wonderful people who contributed to the process. I'm having a glass of wine and trying to wind down so I can get some sleep since I hardly ever sleep on an airplane, and a 15 hour flight is pretty long. I love that they now have a flight direct from Houston, and I don't have to go to Los Angeles to get my flight. Cuts about 4 hours off the total trip time.

So many of my friends and family came together to help me do this. My daughter loaned me a neck pillow and sleep mask and contributed to my travel fund. My son Matt got me a cell phone with International access and a better camera, bought me some sweaters and contributed to my ticket. Steven contributed to my travel fund. Nice to be surrounded by loving, supportive people. My friend Connie loaned me two great carry-on size pieces of luggage. I'll check one and carry one on. She also loaned me a shoulder bag perfect for stowing all those last minute "gotta-have-em" items. My friend Maria set me up with an Uber driver she knows for the trip to the airport. It took a Village to get this trip on track, but I leave tomorrow. Thank you, one and all, and thank you, my friends who contributed energy to make this happen. Big Hugs. The magic just keeps on moving, changing and manifesting.

I know I will be doing some earth healing work with the whales, the earthquakes, the volcanoes, the solar grid, and helping prevent a tsunami that is building from the Antarctic glacier melts. Big work, amazing challenges.

In the spirit of that, I wanted to re-share the story of originally connecting with Norfolk Island while I was in New Zealand on my second trip. Back in 1995, here's how it all went down.

Norfolk Island, Sacred Journey ...

by Sandy Penny

When I was in NZ for the second trip, I called my friend Tamara (who I'd had other magical adventures with on the first trip.).  She said, "I just found this letter from Di on Norfolk Island to Jennifer on my floor.  Does our friend Jennifer know someone on Norfolk Island?"  I responded that I didn't even know where Norfolk Island was and had no idea.  Tamara said, "Well the letter just seemed to appear from nowhere.  It's one page of a multi-page letter, and it talks about the people on the island awakening to their spiritual senses and they are seeing energy vortexes.  They don't know what to do with all this new experiences and information."  Then she said the magic words for me.  "I think you need to go there."  I said I didn't have any money, that I was only a month from going back to Houston, and I couldn't imagine how that could happen, but this did sound like my guides and the way they work.  It felt very familiar.

An hour later, I got a phone call. It was Jennifer telling me that her friend DI from Norfolk Island was in town, and did I want to have coffee with them?  I said I thought under the circumstances that would be an excellent idea. We discussed what was going on on the island, Di said she also felt I should go there.  I proposed to her that if the people of the island really felt strongly about me coming that they would finance my ticket.  I would do a workshop in return for the ticket and I would work with the vortex energy with them and teach them how to work with it.  She said that probably wouldn't happen as they did not make decisions that quickly.  Ten days later, I was on a plane to Norfolk, 600 mile north of NZ in the middle of nowhere, a tiny little island, 5 x 8 miles and 1200 residents.

Once I arrived there, I saw the vortex between Norfolk and an even smaller island there called Phillip, just a rock in the ocean really.:)  That night, I saw the vortex in a different location.  Vortexes usually don't move like that, so I knew something was wrong with this picture. The next morning I sat down and connected with the land.  I called together the elemental beings of the wind, the sea and the land and asked what was up with the vortex.  They told me that the vortex had been put in place in Lemurian times in order to stabilize the rainfall on the island.  They told me that the island, up until a year ago, had a rain pattern of night rain only except for a few exceptional instances.  A year ago, earthquakes resulting from nuclear testing had jolted the vortex and split it in two.  One vortex was pulsing at night and one was pulsing in the daytime.  Neither vortex had the power to grab the clouds blown through by the Antarctic winds and hold them while they dropped their rain.  The job at hand would be to reintegrate the vortex so that the rain pattern could be reestablished.

I went to the Norfolkers and asked them if the information about the rain pattern was true, and if it had changed in the last year.  They said yes, they were known for this weird nighttime rain.  Good for tourism.  A year ago, the rain had just about stopped.  They were now in a severe drought causing them to have to distill and import much more water than normally. I was stunned and amazed.  The island was just too small to stop clouds on its own.  Even more amazing, I was told in meditation three names of people who would be on my team before I arrived, Chris, John and Jamila.  They were all there and were part of the group who brought me there.  In fact, I was staying at Chris's house. John owned the house where I was doing private sessions, and Jamila was someone I had met online from Switzerland who flew all the way there to be a part of this after I talked about it to her online. Her decision to go happened after I left for Norfolk, so I had no idea she could make it there.

I was told to gather a group together and on Sunday, Nov. 18, 1995, we were to go out to Phillip Island and anchor the vortex through ceremonies I would be taught to do.  These people who were totally unaccustomed to this kind of thinking and acting were so supportive and enthusiastic to try whatever I suggested, that was incredible in itself.  Phillip was a restricted island because its ecosystem had been destroyed by rabbits, and they were trying to renew the vegetation on it.  No one was supposed to go there, but the day before the ceremonies, I did a reading for the man in charge of the replanting of Phillip, and we were allowed, 17 of us to go up there.  I am not in hiking and mountain climbing shape, and the heat and climb were getting to be too much for me.  I sat down and asked the powers that be to help me, to at least cool it off a little.  At that exact moment, a huge cloud moved in over the island and the temperature dropped 15 degrees in a matter of minutes.  It didn't rain on us though.  It was an impressive display, that huge black cloud just sitting there over us.  And there was no rain predicted.

We completed the ceremonies.  Three of the women who were with us conquered their fear of heights that day in order to be with us for this momentous occasion.  They had never climbed Phillip although they lived there all their lives.  I was psychically told that we had succeeded in the integration and that the rain was on its way ... Two days later, with no rain predicted, it started to rain and rained for four days straight.  All this can be verified by talking to the residents on the island.  I am sometimes called the rainmaker there, but it was all of us, and why it took humans to do it, I don't know.  We have functions that we don't know about as caretakers of this planet.  It was a most phenomenal adventure. -0-

I may get to go over there this trip too. It's shaping up now. Just following guidance, making my leaps of faith and traveling on a wing and a prayer.

To be continued ...

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