Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Strange Times by Sandy Penny

Does anyone else feel like they are living in the Matrix right now? Strange things are happening that cannot be explained unless you accept the interconnectedness of all things. First, my tv is older and only connected to a translator box, not connected to my computer in any way. I was thinking of buying a mattress, just thinking about it, not talking about it, not searching it online, just thinking about it, and I started seeing tv commercials about mattresses. Not so unusual, you might say, but then, I started receiving ads in my email for mattresses, multiple ones. I had never received one before. And mattress ads on Facebook. But now that I'm just thinking about it, suddenly, they're all over my life. And I still haven't searched anything or clicked anything.

I was talking with my kids one day, and every one of us ate the same thing at different places on the same day. This has happened multiple times, and I'm a vegetarian, and they're not. I was thinking I'd like to have some tacos, and one of my sons called to ask if I wanted to go out for tacos, and the other one brought me fish tacos from where his girlfriend works. Good manifesting, eh?

One of my friends posted this on FB: "So yesterday I’m reading a hard copy of the Grand Junction Visitors Guide I picked up in Colorado, in particular about the Rim Rock Marathon. No, I’m not participating. And just ten minutes ago on Facebook, an ad pops up in my newsfeed for the Rim Rock Marathon in Grand Junction. Coincidence or is Facebook reading my mind?"

Just today, I was suffering low back pain from exercising too much, yep, keeping my bp down. And in my email is an article on exercise to relieve low back pain. Sent about the time I was thinking about my back, but had not opened my computer yet. And, sure enough, those exercises helped relieve the pain.

These are just the examples that come to mind right now, as I write this, but you must be experiencing similar events too. I would love to hear your stories of amazing synchronicity. Email me at sandypenny@live.com or message me on FB.

Update, today I found a greenstone heart from New Zealand on my floor. I had one of these when I
was in NZ, and I destroyed it with a hammer to release a relationship that developed in NZ. I have never had another greenstone heart. I have many pieces of greenstone, but not hearts. This is a big puzzle to me. Sometimes when you lose stones, they return to you, but I've never had one that I shattered with a hammer return. Cool. A healing of the heart.

I know this is a tough time for many, but there is good happening too, if you are looking for it. Keep your eyes on the prize for the best surprise.

Remember that I have free audio meditations online to help you (5 Minutes to Peace).

And I offer other free tools for awareness expansion.

And lots of inspirational/spiritual memes to remind you of the good: Soul Candy.

I can't wait to hear your stories. Love to all. You must have just been thinking of me, eh?


BW: Hi Sandy, I just wanted to tell you I got your "Strange Times" article in my email yesterday and. as I was reading it I was blessing my water and infusing it with my energy/intentions for the day. When I started reading the article on water,  I nearly choked on the water I was preparing when I realized how everything you said in the first article was happening to me that very moment. So my question is, what is going on??   I can give you more examples of this crazy manifestation that has been happening to me.  But I don't understand why it's happening.  I do EFT tapping every day.  Could that be part of this "strange times"? I don't even know why I started blessing my water.  I just did.  I like to do it first thing in the morning. Thank you so much for your articles and blogs, Sincerely.

SP:  Some say we are living in the 4th and 5th dimensions now, and that the laws of physics no longer apply as they did in the third dimension. Right now, it's very important to bless everything that goes into your body, food, water, sunlight, shared energies. It's also important to eat higher vibrational foods. I've added a lot of microgreens and flowers to my diet to accomplish that. I do believe we're making big shifts, and it will be as easy or difficult as you allow it to be. Thanks.

BW: I certainly feel as though something is happening...but I don't fully understand it.  I'm just going with the flow.  I have noticed other people fighting it and resisting this energy.  And that makes for a rough ride right now.  I'm just grateful for your writing because not many around me understand and can help guide me. So a BIG Thank you!!!!

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