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Color Your World by Sandy Penny

Color Your World 

by Sandy Penny

Did you know that you color your world with your perceptions and reactions?

That is literally true and bears remembering. Here's one of my mind-shifting experiences.

Back in the early 80s, I heard a radio broadcast by a woman psychologist here in Houston, Nancy White. She talked about a machine she was using with depression and bad behaviors that has a hood that emits light into the client's third eye. She said it has helped with chronic fatigue, alcoholism, depression, and teens acting out as it helped balance the person's energies.

I was fascinated by the broadcast, so I contacted a friend who had a newspaper at the time, and asked if he'd like an article about the subject. He said yes, so I contacted Nancy and requested an interview with her. She was happy to accommodate me.

After meeting with her and discussing the concept, she said it would be better if I tried out the machine and experienced it for myself. So, I agreed to do that. She sat me in front of a machine, put a hood over my head that had earphones in it with my eyes exposed, but my forehead inside the hood. She instructed me to listen to the sounds and close my eyes and watch what happens in my inner vision. I was excited to cooperate with her.

As I listened, there was classical music, airplanes flying, helicopters whirring, birds singing, and many other sounds. As I watched with my inner eyes, the light reminded me of a kaleidoscope prism with the colors changing quickly and moving from one into the other. This went on for about ten minutes. Some colors were vibrant, some were dark, and some very bright light.

As I watched, I wondered what kind of light source was capable of changing colors like that. It was fascinating. So, when I talked with her afterward, I asked about the light source, and she blew my mind.

She said, "We are only strobing white light, the colors are your responses to the auditory input, to the sounds we play."

I realized at that moment that we literally color our lives with our perceptions and reactions.

It was a consciousness-shifting moment that led me to be more aware of my reactions to life and the judgments I place on circumstances. Color me gobsmacked.

I'd love to hear your consciousness-shifting comments and moments.

 How you view your life colors your world.

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