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My Evolving Relationship with Water

My Evolving Relationship with Water

By Sandy Penny

Water is a sacred element necessary to life as we know it. As humans who need it to live, I feel we should get to know more about it and recognize that it has consciousness and we can communicate with it and learn from it and be healed by it. Here's what water has been to me.

When I was a child, I remember playing outside in the summertime and coming in and drinking so much water that I could feel it sloshing around inside me. After a few minutes, that would subside, and my body would begin to absorb all that I needed from the water, and I would feel refreshed.

Like so many people, I was drawn to bodies of water, but I was afraid of water too. I didn't learn to swim until I was an adult and had a child of my own. I helped him learn to swim, and I almost drowned when he got scared and grabbed me around my arms. After surfacing for the third time and thinking I was going to die in the middle of a crowded swimming pool, I pushed him off me, and he swam to the edge with no problem where some larger boys helped him out of the pool. That cemented my resolution to learn to swim and dive into the water. I spent an entire day standing beside the pool, getting up my nerve to dive in, diving in, and getting out and doing it all over again. I repeated it until I no longer felt the fear of diving into the water head first. I practiced swimming until I at least felt I could save my child if I needed to. I wanted to be more comfortable with this element which, as a fire sign, is not my first choice.

It was years later that I began to have a different kind of relationship with water, after I began to
develop my spiritual/psychic senses. I met a woman named Ann Johnson who was guided to mentally charge water with energy for specific healing purposes. She had small sealed glass vials manufactured already filled with pure distilled neutral water. She then programmed the water with her mind and voice for specific illnesses and other energy raising purposes. I met her through my spirituality monthly journal, The Rising Sun. She asked me if I would write a catalog of her waters and graphically design it, services I offered. It was a two-year project, and I was immersed in learning all about water, imprinting it with specific energies, and expanding the knowledge I was already using to charge my own drinking water for health, joy, love and all good things.

While we were creating the catalog, she went to an alternative energy conference where she met Dr. Masaru Emoto who was sampling waters from various sources around the world, freezing them and using a special microscopic camera to photograph the crystals that were formed, noting the differences of each water from different sources. To the left are some photos of water crystal formations. Notice how different they are.

Ann asked Dr. Emoto if he would photograph her programmed waters to demonstrate the change from the neutral pure water she started with to the final programmed water -  kind of a before and after series. He agreed to do this with her, and to his amazement, the differences in the waters were significant, depending on how she mentally charged them. That was the genesis of his experiments that have now become world famous, of photographing waters after specific words were spoken to the water, negative and positive. He demonstrated the power we have to program water and extrapolated that because our bodies are a
high % of water, that words spoken to us and words we speak to ourselves have the power to create
illness and disease or well-being and joy in our lives, through our bodies. His work is now well-known, but Ann preferred to work in the background, helping individuals heal themselves, their land and grow more nutritious crops. She worked with a lot of farmers and created larger, restorative vials for them to use in their irrigation systems. The most unlikely people were responding to her work. This was not commonly-known information back in the early 1990s. Emoto didn't start his in-depth exploration of our ability to charge water until the mid-1990s after meeting Ann Johnson. And, although the established scientific community still debates the reality of his findings, it is not the first time that science has lagged behind inspired spiritual and scientific geniuses. Spiritual people saw auras long before they could be photographed, proving the psychics had been right all along.

I was inspired to expand how I used the water-charging techniques. At my Sanctuary house, we had several of Ann's vials in our water jug that was just tap water to begin with, and in addition to her vials, every morning, we om-ed, sang and chanted positive words to the water. Many times people made comments about how good our water tasted and how they felt energized by it. I continue to charge every liquid I drink and food as well. Now I have expanded to positioning my hands facing each other on either side near a glass of water or any beverage (not touching it), and using my right index finger to trace an infinity sign in the air while I chant love into the liquid. I do not touch the glass, only send the energy through. It can even change the taste of a beverage, always improving its flavor. Works with wine too. It's equivalent to praying over our food and drinks, but more specific in intention. While directing the energy by making the infinity sign repeatedly, I may chant something like, health, love, joy, peace, abundance until I feel complete with the energy. Or I may count, Love 1 through Love 11 and the double numbers: 22, 33, 44, 55 etc. to 99. That's a good amount of charging time. You'll begin to feel the energy with your left hand pretty quickly as you use your right hand to direct it. You can choose your own words to program your water enhancing what you want in your life, but you can never go wrong using love.

I also learned to read the energy signature in water and to change it when necessary. It's amazing how connected we become with the water as it resonates with the part of us that is water. You can use the infinity sign also to improve health and vitality in your body as you charge the internal water molecules within you. Put your left palm flat against your back, and use your right index finger to make the infinity sign toward your heart or any chakra (energy center) in front of your body to revitalize it.

After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, many people gathered and directed energy to clean up the flood waters and restore and purify them more quickly than anyone expected. It was quite successful with many different groups of people working toward the same goal. I hosted a "Become a Force of Nature" Gathering to help people use and transform the energy that was generated by that huge weather event, and the same after Hurricane Rita which followed closely on the heels of Katrina. What a wonderful expression of humanity coming together to help heal the earth and waters.

That was not the end of my exploration of water. Some years later, in a meditation, I was told that the earth makes new water from oxygen, hydrogen, heat, and pressure deep within itself, and stores it in crystal domes until the water comes up through fissures created by earthquakes, gets mineralized through the layers of stone as it rises, and becomes good for human consumption. Pure water that is not mineralized tends to leach minerals from our body, so we drink water that has certain levels of minerals in it. This type of water was a new concept to me, but I was told we would begin to see the results of it in deserts and places that have no water sources available. I have seen lakes spring up in deserts, streams through drought-stricken Texas and California, and other instances of this water appearing from nowhere, where no known aquifers were contributing this water.

Shortly after that, I came across Bill Cox online who identified this water as "primary" water, newly created water that has not been part of the water system or rain, water tables, and aquifers. He explained it exactly as I had seen it in meditation, and I became a big fan, but he seemed to be the only one talking about it, and it was still hotly contested by many scientists. He died a few years ago, and I felt that it was time for his information to be known around the world.

I began to see more articles on primary water from many different authors. Bill Cox followers were drilling primary water wells in unlikely places and successfully bringing it to the surface, giving much-needed water to people who had none. I helped publicize primary water as much as I could and knew that we would only have full access to this water as we become more conscious about how we use water and protect it from pollution, misuse, and misappropriation by greedy water sellers who would deny this life-sustaining element to those who cannot afford to pay for it. It is freely given to us by the earth, and the system acts like mother's milk, as we use it, it replenishes itself. So, no need for water wars or water hoarding. It would also make water-splitting energy technologies more feasible, using the hydrogen for fuel and enriching our atmosphere with fresh oxygen as the emission. This pure, unprogrammed water would also help rebalance the negativity on the planet and could be programmed at the surface exit point for health, prosperity, and other positive vibrations before it flows into other water sources like streams, rivers, and oceans.

In ancient times, every water well had a keeper of the well who protected the water's purity, usage, and distribution. That job may return as we acknowledge the importance of water to every living thing on the planet. I expect to see more information surface on primary water and other topics that we haven't even heard of yet as we stay open and connected to this ever-evolving elemental relationship.

May you always drink pure water and live long and prosper.

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

NZ Here I Come ... by Sandy Penny

Tomorrow, I leave on my trip to New Zealand with the help of so many wonderful people who contributed to the process. I'm having a glass of wine and trying to wind down so I can get some sleep since I hardly ever sleep on an airplane, and a 15 hour flight is pretty long. I love that they now have a flight direct from Houston, and I don't have to go to Los Angeles to get my flight. Cuts about 4 hours off the total trip time.

So many of my friends and family came together to help me do this. My daughter loaned me a neck pillow and sleep mask and contributed to my travel fund. My son Matt got me a cell phone with International access and a better camera, bought me some sweaters and contributed to my ticket. Steven contributed to my travel fund. Nice to be surrounded by loving, supportive people. My friend Connie loaned me two great carry-on size pieces of luggage. I'll check one and carry one on. She also loaned me a shoulder bag perfect for stowing all those last minute "gotta-have-em" items. My friend Maria set me up with an Uber driver she knows for the trip to the airport. It took a Village to get this trip on track, but I leave tomorrow. Thank you, one and all, and thank you, my friends who contributed energy to make this happen. Big Hugs. The magic just keeps on moving, changing and manifesting.

I know I will be doing some earth healing work with the whales, the earthquakes, the volcanoes, the solar grid, and helping prevent a tsunami that is building from the Antarctic glacier melts. Big work, amazing challenges.

In the spirit of that, I wanted to re-share the story of originally connecting with Norfolk Island while I was in New Zealand on my second trip. Back in 1995, here's how it all went down.

Norfolk Island, Sacred Journey ...

by Sandy Penny

When I was in NZ for the second trip, I called my friend Tamara (who I'd had other magical adventures with on the first trip.).  She said, "I just found this letter from Di on Norfolk Island to Jennifer on my floor.  Does our friend Jennifer know someone on Norfolk Island?"  I responded that I didn't even know where Norfolk Island was and had no idea.  Tamara said, "Well the letter just seemed to appear from nowhere.  It's one page of a multi-page letter, and it talks about the people on the island awakening to their spiritual senses and they are seeing energy vortexes.  They don't know what to do with all this new experiences and information."  Then she said the magic words for me.  "I think you need to go there."  I said I didn't have any money, that I was only a month from going back to Houston, and I couldn't imagine how that could happen, but this did sound like my guides and the way they work.  It felt very familiar.

An hour later, I got a phone call. It was Jennifer telling me that her friend DI from Norfolk Island was in town, and did I want to have coffee with them?  I said I thought under the circumstances that would be an excellent idea. We discussed what was going on on the island, Di said she also felt I should go there.  I proposed to her that if the people of the island really felt strongly about me coming that they would finance my ticket.  I would do a workshop in return for the ticket and I would work with the vortex energy with them and teach them how to work with it.  She said that probably wouldn't happen as they did not make decisions that quickly.  Ten days later, I was on a plane to Norfolk, 600 mile north of NZ in the middle of nowhere, a tiny little island, 5 x 8 miles and 1200 residents.

Once I arrived there, I saw the vortex between Norfolk and an even smaller island there called Phillip, just a rock in the ocean really.:)  That night, I saw the vortex in a different location.  Vortexes usually don't move like that, so I knew something was wrong with this picture. The next morning I sat down and connected with the land.  I called together the elemental beings of the wind, the sea and the land and asked what was up with the vortex.  They told me that the vortex had been put in place in Lemurian times in order to stabilize the rainfall on the island.  They told me that the island, up until a year ago, had a rain pattern of night rain only except for a few exceptional instances.  A year ago, earthquakes resulting from nuclear testing had jolted the vortex and split it in two.  One vortex was pulsing at night and one was pulsing in the daytime.  Neither vortex had the power to grab the clouds blown through by the Antarctic winds and hold them while they dropped their rain.  The job at hand would be to reintegrate the vortex so that the rain pattern could be reestablished.

I went to the Norfolkers and asked them if the information about the rain pattern was true, and if it had changed in the last year.  They said yes, they were known for this weird nighttime rain.  Good for tourism.  A year ago, the rain had just about stopped.  They were now in a severe drought causing them to have to distill and import much more water than normally. I was stunned and amazed.  The island was just too small to stop clouds on its own.  Even more amazing, I was told in meditation three names of people who would be on my team before I arrived, Chris, John and Jamila.  They were all there and were part of the group who brought me there.  In fact, I was staying at Chris's house. John owned the house where I was doing private sessions, and Jamila was someone I had met online from Switzerland who flew all the way there to be a part of this after I talked about it to her online. Her decision to go happened after I left for Norfolk, so I had no idea she could make it there.

I was told to gather a group together and on Sunday, Nov. 18, 1995, we were to go out to Phillip Island and anchor the vortex through ceremonies I would be taught to do.  These people who were totally unaccustomed to this kind of thinking and acting were so supportive and enthusiastic to try whatever I suggested, that was incredible in itself.  Phillip was a restricted island because its ecosystem had been destroyed by rabbits, and they were trying to renew the vegetation on it.  No one was supposed to go there, but the day before the ceremonies, I did a reading for the man in charge of the replanting of Phillip, and we were allowed, 17 of us to go up there.  I am not in hiking and mountain climbing shape, and the heat and climb were getting to be too much for me.  I sat down and asked the powers that be to help me, to at least cool it off a little.  At that exact moment, a huge cloud moved in over the island and the temperature dropped 15 degrees in a matter of minutes.  It didn't rain on us though.  It was an impressive display, that huge black cloud just sitting there over us.  And there was no rain predicted.

We completed the ceremonies.  Three of the women who were with us conquered their fear of heights that day in order to be with us for this momentous occasion.  They had never climbed Phillip although they lived there all their lives.  I was psychically told that we had succeeded in the integration and that the rain was on its way ... Two days later, with no rain predicted, it started to rain and rained for four days straight.  All this can be verified by talking to the residents on the island.  I am sometimes called the rainmaker there, but it was all of us, and why it took humans to do it, I don't know.  We have functions that we don't know about as caretakers of this planet.  It was a most phenomenal adventure. -0-

I may get to go over there this trip too. It's shaping up now. Just following guidance, making my leaps of faith and traveling on a wing and a prayer.

To be continued ...

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Monday, December 12, 2016

The Journey Continues by Sandy Penny

The Journey Continues by Sandy Penny

UPDATE 12/30/2016: I have already manifested the money to pay for the plane ticket and paid off my son's credit card. It only took two weeks once the energy and I aligned for it. I will be spending the month of March in New Zealand, and doing some earth work similar to what I did 20 years ago. Several people I worked with on my first journey to NZ will be joining me again. I can hardly wait. I'm waiting for my passport to be renewed, buying a new carry-on (my old ones are too big for the new standard) and generating traveling money while doing projects I love for the next two months. I'll be updating this page as life reveals itself. ~Sandy

POST: 12/12/2016: I told you previously that I would not be posting unless something big was happening. This post is the result of big energy.

I've been working at home, mostly helping authors and spiritual businesses get up and running on the Internet and social media for the 4 years since I returned to Houston from New Mexico. I was feeling like this is my life now, and all that travel was over for me. I'm retired, after all.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I got a hit in meditation that I needed to go back to New Zealand. Hmm. I talked with Karen Chant, one of my fellow travelers on my NZ journey in 1995 (so long ago), and she said she was feeling the same. She invited me to come and stay with her and do some earth healing. She said she knew some things that needed attention. I got that energy rush that comes when you know something is spiritually aligned. That's confirmation #1.

Then I started to talk myself out of it. Too much money, too many details, expired passport. Blah blah blah. Then I was scanning through TV channels and stopped to listen to a preacher who was talking about planting seeds. He said, if you ask for something, and the money starts coming in for it, you need to use it to plant the seed for what you asked for. If you don't, the money will dissipate. If you do use it to plant the seeds, the money will increase. I knew it was a message for me. I never listen to those TV evangelists, but this message was definitely for me. Confirmation #2

A few hours later, I found an email from New Zealand Air for a $400 discount on a ticket direct from Houston to NZ. OK, that was the #3 confirmation, but I had to buy the ticket the next day on Cyber Monday. I didn't have the money or a credit card. I asked my son if I could use his card to buy the ticket and pay him back before the trip. He said OK, so I bought a ticket, on a wing and a prayer. But this is always how my guides work. I'm spending a month in NZ from Feb. 26 to Mar. 28. Hope to see you, if you're around there. I might even make it over to Norfolk Island while I'm in that hemisphere ... If the funds show up for it.

Projects started pouring in to finance the trip, more projects than I've had in the last 4 years. Books to proof, website to build, social media marketing, and someone I went to high school with wanted me to proof a book of short stories he just finished writing. I hadn't heard from him in over 40 years. Within a week, I had paid back over half the cost of the ticket. And the rest is almost in now. Just have to finish some of the projects and get paid. Working non-stop to do that. Planting all those seeds for what I wanted.

Then other kinds of synchronicity started showing up. People I hadn't heard from in 20 years since my first trip to NZ started surfacing on Face Book, and old connections that were part of the original trip started presenting themselves. I haven't had this much energy running since I returned to Houston. I guess I needed the vacation.

Also, when I was there in 1995, I met Cornelius Van Dorp, a doctor, whose book, Crystal Mission, chronicled journeys so similar to mine that even some of the same locations showed up. I tracked him down and made a connection. I brought back some of his books to the U.S. Now, it's available on Amazon. Crystal MissionHe's one of the people I reconnected with on FB. I just started reading his latest book, Corn Circles (Cornelius's experiences with corn circles in UK). The first crop circle featured was the sun rising over a pyramid. Most of my spiritual friends know that this is the symbol I've used for my astral address since the late 1970s. It's a meeting point for me and other seekers in the unseen realms. What's it doing in a crop circle, and why am I seeing it right now? All in Divine Order, I know.  It's all a part of pointing me in a direction, and although I may not yet see the full picture, I see the pieces flying in from all directions. 

It's very exciting. Please touch base with me on whether you are experiencing similar synchronicities. It's an amazing time, and you may hear from me more often right now while all this is unfolding. I'll be doing some earth healing work in NZ. If anyone lives there and wants to physically participate, let me know. I feel a gathering of energies to accomplish some really wonderful things. Calling All Daughters of The Rising Sun for energetic support in this.

Much love, good health and happiness to all.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Sandy Penny, The Pyramind

Monday, October 10, 2016

Invocation for Our World Leaders

I thought it was time we all focused on some positive energy for the group consciousness. I hope you'll read this often and share it anywhere you want.

With much love for all concerned. ~Sandy Penny